piranha + they / them + 28 + queer + neurodivergent + kinnie
HRT: 12.22.16

( depression + anxiety + autistic + OCD + PTSD )

// blacklist

#shane dawson
#jeffree star
#jk rowling
#good mythical moms
#steam powered giraffe
#pregnancy / #tokophobia
#suicidal ideation / #suicide tw

// do not interact

DNI if you're a TERF, SWERF, transmed, lgbtqia+ exclusionist, pedo, ableist, anti-semite, racist, MAGAt, alt-right, or any other brand of intolerant hateful close-minded bigot

note: if you were in the SPG fandom in ~2016 & were responsible for the threats / harassment / slander i received after i spoke out against Steve, please don't interact unless it's to apologize. thank you i appreciate it.

// frequently asked questions

Q. How can I donate money to you directly?
A. my merch shops take a hefty % of my earnings, so paypal/ko-fi is your best bet!!

Q. How do I navigate your tumblr blog(s)?
A. here, these should help:

Q. wait hold tf on, you're a kinnie ??
A. yes cringe culture is dead. weird but ultimately harmless coping mechanisms r sexy.

Q. My question isn’t here & it should be! Obligatory Question Mark?
A. then drop me a message to let me know what else you think should be here !!

// main fandom tags

#mythical (gmm, mythical kitchen, rhett & link, etc)
#the aquabats! (both the band & their show)
#boosh (the mighty boosh)
#hlvrai (half-life VR but the AI is self-aware)
#lucifer (DC/netflix)
#doctor who

// main people tags

#rhett mclaughlin & #link neal
#julian barratt & #noel fielding
#weird al
#gerard way
#john mulaney

// other tags

#lgbtq history
#sig boost (donation posts)
#feel better (literally just my fave rhett & link videos)
#others art (other people's art that is good)
#mine (posts i made myself)

// fandom side blogs

theaquabatstribe (the aquabats!)
officiallazytown (lazytown)
wigglyhell (the wiggles)
bigfishteller (penn & teller)

// shipping side blogs

ineffable-faves - ineffable husbands reblogs, occasionally nsfw
sportarobbie - sportarobbie reblogs, sfw
theaqueerbats - multi-ship & polybats reblogs, sfw
half-of-something -⚠️cw: rps/rpf - rhink reblogs & original content, occasionally nsfw
devil-phannie -⚠️cw: rps/rpf - phan reblogs, sfw